I’ve never been one for standing still or being complacent. While I’m grateful everyday for the things that I have and the things that I have achieved, I’m always looking for the next step, the next opportunity. Over the years, being freelance has meant that I’ve had to fine tune my methods for getting motivated. It’s very easy to succumb to reality TV and not getting dressed when you don’t have an office to turn up to everyday so, I figured I’d share my tips with you… Continue reading


Love is a tricky thing. It has so many faces – sure it’s spiky and fizzy at first and then it becomes exclusive, deep, powerful. After a while, it becomes more homely, more casual – more like a favourite pair of joggers than a pair of erection-inducing heels. Of course, there are still erections…just not as many of them. The point is, what love feels like changes all the time but how you show love should remain the same, all the time. Continue reading


I’ve always been a little nervous about reviews – what if the stuff they send me is shit? Balancing integrity and the lovely feeling you get when you receive free stuff is a professional minefield but this wasn’t a problem when it came to Kokoso Baby. The lovely #mumboss Lauren Taylor had just launched her coconut oil company and was blazing the trail. Yes, we were cooking our vegan curries in it but we weren’t yet slathering it all over our babies and ourselves. She changed all that, and Kokoso Baby is now kicking ass in Boots stores all over the country. So, join me as we find out WHO // IS Lauren Taylor, the beauty behind Kokoso Baby.

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How lucky we are as women today, right? How awesome is it that we can go to school, study what we like, vote in elections, build a career, own property, marry who we want, make a family, go back to work, earn our own money? I mean, honestly, when Emmeline Pankhurst donned her sash, raised her placard and demanded the vote for women, how on earth could she have known what she started? Continue reading

Ex-Company President Says, “I’m Sorry Mommas!”

No one knows as well as me what a shock becoming a mother is…except, of course, maybe Katharine Zaleski. Zaleski is a young woman, mother and ex-uber achiever in the corporate world. Now, she’s the president of PowerToFly – a company she founded after becoming a mommas and has one thing to say to all the working mothers she encountered before her own child was born: I’m sorry. Continue reading

Back To Work At 12 Weeks

12.01am: Wake to alarm. Wonder why the alarm is ringing at this time. Remember I now have a twelve-week old baby. I am now somebody’s mother. Panic sets in. Realise I don’t have time to panic; panic is a luxury I can’t afford and that I must shove a bottle into my sleeping baby in the hope, the vain, fragile and laughable hope that she will sleep through until 7.30am. Laugh at my own optimism. Drag self out of bed. Get bottle. Get baby. Feed baby. Put baby to sleep. Go back to sleep. Continue reading