I’ve been writing this blog for three months. At least. It’s not that the words have been hard to find; it’s more that the message is a tricky, complex one. Communicating it leaves me open to criticism (which I’m totally fine with) but it also leaves me open to upsetting people I know and love (which I’m totally NOT fine with). Continue reading


I’m 33 weeks pregnant. I think. It might be 32. To be honest, it’s the second child so I’m not 100% sure how pregnant I am. I could sit down and work out the dates, but I tend to gauge how pregnant I am by the efficiency of my pelvic floor. By those standards, I’m pretty frickin’ pregnant. Needless to say, I’m also pretty large and, while I know that my body is an amazing thing (I mean, it’s building a human atom by atom), I’m also developing a fairly complicated relationship with it as it changes…changes that are happening beyond my control. Continue reading

Does My Baby Look Big In This?

I have a chubby baby. She’s a real podge. She’s squidgy. She has bracelets all the way up her arm and her little legs resemble those of a prop forward. She’s got massive cheeks, a couple of chins and hands with knuckle dimples. She’s not off ‘the weight scale’ (whatever THAT is all about), health visitors are happy with her, but lots of other people seem to have a problem with my chubby baby…or they make a huge point of pretending they don’t have a problem. Continue reading