You may or may not have noticed that I came under fire this week for leaving my 2 year old and 4 year old in the car for 5 minutes while I ran into the supermarket to pick up some water. It would have been 4 minutes and 15 seconds if I hadn’t stopped to eat a bag of Malteser’s first. I was hungry and frankly, I didn’t want to share them. It was only a small bag after all.  The majority of responses were supportive and took it in the manner in which it was intended: humorously. On the flip side, there were a number of people who thought I was ‘abhorrent’, a ‘bitch of a mother’ and one even reported my post and said she’d called social services.  Continue reading


There are few ideas I’ve had that are worse than deciding to take both kids swimming by myself. Choosing to neck a jar of pickled onions during a serious case of the midnight munchies and proceeding to puke them up all night comes in a close second, along with convincing two mates to do three tequila shots before our first spin class, but swimming with the kids is definitely, definitely, the worst. Continue reading


You may or may not know my history, my story, my journey to the place I find myself in today. It’s not straightforward and its littered with questionable choices, terrible outfits and a frequent lack of direction. One thing that has always remained though was my propensity for hard bloody work. I’m a Yorkshire lass and, quite simply, you’re not allowed to be a Yorkshire lass unless you’re a grafter. From my first job at 13 right up until the job I do today, I’ve always given it my all and I’ve always worked. I took it for granted that I would always be able to do that, if I wanted to…not anymore. Continue reading


I have had two conversations in the last few days that have made me stop and consider modern, millennial motherhood. It’s a subject that, due to the nature of the blog, I spend a lot of time considering but, as we draw to the end of a mega year, I can’t help but stand here, two years after making the transition to ‘parent’ myself, and let my jaw hang in awe as I realise that we are witnessing a huge, seismic shift for parents but especially for mothers and that even better we are making it happen. Continue reading


Let’s face it…when we think we could use a little parenting advice, Mariah Carey is not the first person that springs to mind. While I’m sure she’s a perfectly competent parent, she’s not exactly from the land of Normals. Despite this, the internet crumbled with consternation when she recently admitted she won’t let her four year old twins see her naked. Cue the crazy. Continue reading


How hard is sex these days?! I mean really. I’m amazed that anyone ever has another baby. Not because of the crying or the lack of cash or sleep but because finding time and energy to have actual real-life sex is so, so, so hard. Deciding to have sex is like waking up at 6.00am, hearing the rain piss down outside, anxiously checking the monitor and breathing a sigh of relief when the Small is still sleeping and thinking, “I know, I’ll get up and go for a run.” It’s just that, when you’re so tired and busy and well, really really tired, there’s just a million other things to do first. Continue reading


Resentment is a pretty damn dangerous emotion to give in to but one that, as parents, we inevitably have to deal with at some point, on some level. Some very selfless people may be able to banish any resentful thoughts as soon as they raise their ugly little heads, but most of us fall victim to this insidious little soul-worm occasionally. Continue reading


There are days when being a blogger that discusses all things ‘Small’ are pretty rubbish. Those are the days when you have to post something funny when you’ve had 48 minutes sleep because you spent all night cleaning up vomit and tending to fevers and standing in cat sick (yes, really). Then there are days which are brilliant because some very nice people over at It’s A PR Company have invited you and your Small to try out the new Mini Afternoon Tea that swanky London hotel, The Mandeville Hotel, has just launched.

Continue reading

School Of Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine what I’ll feel when I send The Small off to school. Honestly, until recently, it’s been the light at the end of the tunnel. I look towards those days of ‘free childcare’ with a wistful sigh. One day my time will come, I think to myself. Until recently, I hadn’t considered there might be a downside. Until recently.  Continue reading