A couple of weeks ago, I got a DM on Instagram from a lovely mum asking me if going freelance was a good idea. She wanted to know whether, as a mum, it made your life easier? Whether I could spend more time with my kids? Whether it was more flexible than a PAYE job? “What where the pros and cons?”, she asked.

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All You Really Need At First

It’s so easy to get carried away when it comes to having a baby and spending money.

That sentence – right above, the one that I’ve just written? That’s the biggest understatement anyone, anywhere has EVER written. You may have already read my post about becoming addicted to Google and Amazon (you may not have…don’t worry, I won’t judge you) but the simple fact is that when you’re too fat and swollen and hormonal to do much more than shift your weight on the sofa, eat ice-cream and flick through the pages of Grazia, you will Google and you will shop. Continue reading