I love my husband but it’s not very often that he says something that inspires a whole blog…until recently. While we were busy preparing for Christmas last month, he was busy in the kitchen making his own butter. I shit you not. He’d ‘homemade’ mince pies, but wanted to see just how ‘homemade’ he could get them so, he made his own butter.  Continue reading


In this day and age, and by that I mean, this day and our age, we should know how to treat people properly. We should know better than to bully people. You would think that once the knee high socks and bunches are gone, once the playground politics are behind us and the Mean Girls membership cards are well and truly burned, that we would, as grown women, understand that being a bitch gets you nowhere. Continue reading


Today I’m travelling on my own. I am without my husband. I am without my Small. This is a liberating experience. I’ve achieved an enormous amount and done it fuelled by a couple of glasses of prosecco as I travel on an overcrowded Virgin train to Windermere. Across the aisle is a dad with a boy of about a year and while I’m high-fiving my child-free self every time I look at them, I’m also desperate to shout, ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ Continue reading

It Just Trolls Off The Tongue

A couple of things happened this week that made me stop and wonder whether we could just gather up all the online trolls in the world, give them all something sugary, a glass of champagne and a massage in the vain hope that they may just, even for a minute, stop their inane chatter. Just in case you were wondering whether anyone was above the wrath of online ethics police, ‘dummy-gate’ chez Beckham should be enough to make you realise that no one and I repeat NO ONE is spared the venomous bullshit that self-righteous ‘experts’ and gobby ‘perfect parents’ out daily.

Continue reading

Breastfeeders Are Wonder Women Too (Obviously)

Last week, I wrote a blog about the BBC News report that breastfed babies are more intelligent than formula-fed babies. I really tried to make it clear throughout my blog post that my criticisms and anger were aimed at the media and not at breastfeeders. After reading and re-reading it, I was happy that my point was clear – breastfeeding is amazing and we would all do it if we could, but let’s not beat women who don’t do it (for whatever reason) over the head with more and more studies saying what we already know. Continue reading