I love my husband but it’s not very often that he says something that inspires a whole blog…until recently. While we were busy preparing for Christmas last month, he was busy in the kitchen making his own butter. I shit you not. He’d ‘homemade’ mince pies, but wanted to see just how ‘homemade’ he could get them so, he made his own butter.  Continue reading

PR Parenting & Other Bullshit

I mentioned ‘PR parenting’ in my previous post and I’m not sure I quite realised what I’d done until I read it back but, somewhat unwittingly, I feel I’ve hit on an epidemic amongst modern parenting. Everywhere I look I see parents who have all become uber-efficient PR machines when it comes to presenting themselves as keepers of Small Humans. I don’t know whether it’s the internet, or the books, or the ever-increasing desire to not just have it all, but to be great at it all that drives it, but somewhere along the line of social evolution, we’ve all become so concerned with what other people think that we are editing and embellishing our tales of parenting. Continue reading