Spend any time saying anything on any social media platform and you’re going to find yourself the target of trolls at some point. It’s part of the job, it comes with the territory and while I never condone unkindness, bitchiness or the dissemination of untruths, I’ve come to realise that they have the right to say what they feel they need to say.  Continue reading


I’m starting to make some money from my instagram account and this here blog. It’s much needed income. Jimmy and I are both freelancers and our cash flow is the biggest headache everyday of our lives so, when another income stream makes itself available, I’m going to take it. That being said, it’s tricky times over on the squares with all this ‘selling’ stuff so, in the interests of transparency, here’s what you can expect from me…in list form (because I’m too damn hot to make ordered sense out of my brain). Continue reading