If there’s one thing I know about depression, I know that it’s different for everyone. Those who suffer can certainly empathise and many of them will share symptoms but we all deal with depression differently and we respond differently to treatments. My depression is all my own, so what follows here is simply an account of my experience. I hope that in writing about it, it helps other people feel less ashamed, or less alone with their experiences. Continue reading


I’m starting to make some money from my instagram account and this here blog. It’s much needed income. Jimmy and I are both freelancers and our cash flow is the biggest headache everyday of our lives so, when another income stream makes itself available, I’m going to take it. That being said, it’s tricky times over on the squares with all this ‘selling’ stuff so, in the interests of transparency, here’s what you can expect from me…in list form (because I’m too damn hot to make ordered sense out of my brain). Continue reading


I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about pregnancy. I mean really…who the chuff designed this thing? Humans are, without doubt, the most inefficient breeders. Not only is pregnancy riddled with some serious malfunctioning shit, at the end of it you only have two pretty terrifying options: heave the new human out of your woman funnel or have someone cut you open and pull it out. After all these years, surely we could have evolved a more appealing method?

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PR Parenting & Other Bullshit

I mentioned ‘PR parenting’ in my previous post and I’m not sure I quite realised what I’d done until I read it back but, somewhat unwittingly, I feel I’ve hit on an epidemic amongst modern parenting. Everywhere I look I see parents who have all become uber-efficient PR machines when it comes to presenting themselves as keepers of Small Humans. I don’t know whether it’s the internet, or the books, or the ever-increasing desire to not just have it all, but to be great at it all that drives it, but somewhere along the line of social evolution, we’ve all become so concerned with what other people think that we are editing and embellishing our tales of parenting. Continue reading

Not So Smug Now

When I started this blog it was about recording that shift; that transition between what you thought motherhood would be like and what it actually is like. It was about detailing in minute honesty what kind of mother I thought I’d be and what kind of mother I actually am. Quite simply, since having a Small, I’m not so smug now…and here’s why. Continue reading

Breastfeeders Are Wonder Women Too (Obviously)

Last week, I wrote a blog about the BBC News report that breastfed babies are more intelligent thanĀ formula-fed babies. I really tried to make it clear throughout my blog post that my criticisms and anger were aimed at the media and not at breastfeeders. After reading and re-reading it, I was happy that my point was clear – breastfeeding is amazing and we would all do it if we could, but let’s not beat women who don’t do it (for whatever reason) over the head with more and more studies saying what we already know. Continue reading