Recently, lots of people have asked me why I started Not So Smug Now. It’s easy to forget. Four and a half years on, two children and two businesses under my belt, I have to stop and remind myself why I wrote that first blog post. So, partly because it’s always good to reconnect with your reason for being, and partly because (even though my kids are older and I’m out of this phase) I know there are still people finding and reading this blog who have just started out on this crazy journey we call parenting. Continue reading

Call The Midwife (But Make Sure It Is The Midwife)

It suddenly struck me, at 3.54am this morning, that I had committed an enormous oversight for which I can only apologise. I have a story that I can’t quite believe wasn’t top of the list when it came to constructing this blog of oversharing and TMI. Anyway, as I stood there holding a screaming baby last night with tears streaming down both of our faces (oh yes, I lost ALL perspective), I remember thinking that I should rectify this wrong. Continue reading

Who The Hell Do I Think I Am?

Before I go on about who I am – let me tell you who I was. When I was pregnant I was that person. I was the pregnant woman that talked about how I was going to do everything. I banged on and on about how I wasn’t going to use anything that wasn’t organic or homemade. I was going to get the baby into a routine from day one (I hate my old self even just writing this). I searched for hours and hours for the best moses basket, the best sling, the best buggy. I privately judged women who co-slept and who didn’t breastfeed (oh the irony!) and who believed in baby-led routines. I was a hateful pregnant person and I deserved to be publicly flogged for being such an insufferable little pregnant upstart. Continue reading