It’s been a rough couple of weeks but as I promised, I am using that experience to really think about how I can be more socially conscious and how I can help. I’ve got a platform, it’s not a massive one but it’s there and it has the power to do some good. I know there’s a lot of debate around the role of ‘influencers’ and the service they offer brands and their followers and this is not a blog that’s about to unpick THAT particular bees nest but I think there’s a fairly easy way for influencers to do some good.

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I’m starting to make some money from my instagram account and this here blog. It’s much needed income. Jimmy and I are both freelancers and our cash flow is the biggest headache everyday of our lives so, when another income stream makes itself available, I’m going to take it. That being said, it’s tricky times over on the squares with all this ‘selling’ stuff so, in the interests of transparency, here’s what you can expect from me…in list form (because I’m too damn hot to make ordered sense out of my brain). Continue reading

HOW TO // Kick The Shit Out Of Father’s Day

Buying things for Him is really hard. I mean like, Trigonometery hard. Now that we’ve got to add Father’s Day to the gift-buying calendar, I’m loosing sleep over the whole frickin’ thing. Finding two gifts a year (Christmas and birthday) was stressful enough, but now I have to find another, even better, more perfect gift and the pressure is REALLY on because it’s not even from me. It’s from the apple of his eye and the fruit of his loins and if I get it wrong I LET THEM BOTH DOWN.

So Small-Havers…here’s my guide to kicking the shit out of Father’s Day this year.

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