Holy giftmatch! It’s been a mega month for donations via the #GIFTMATCH campaign and it’s definitely time to share what’s been going on in November. First up – huge thanks has to go to Zoe de Pass a.k.a. Dress Like A Mum who has created her entire Christmas gift guide in association with #GIFTMATCH, meaning that every brand included in her gift guide has also donated to a relevant charity. Continue reading


A month ago, I officially launched #GIFTMATCH. It’s been a real passion project and once that I’m so so proud of. In one month alone we’ve made so many wonderful #GIFTMATCHES that I wanted to update you so that you know exactly what’s going on. The great GREAT thing about #GIFTMATCH is that it takes such a small gesture on everyone’s part to make a huge difference. In this campaign, everyone’s a winner and I can’t wait to see it grow.  Continue reading


It’s been a rough couple of weeks but as I promised, I am using that experience to really think about how I can be more socially conscious and how I can help. I’ve got a platform, it’s not a massive one but it’s there and it has the power to do some good. I know there’s a lot of debate around the role of ‘influencers’ and the service they offer brands and their followers and this is not a blog that’s about to unpick THAT particular bees nest but I think there’s a fairly easy way for influencers to do some good.

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