Not so sound too bah humbug about the whole thing, but thank FUCK that’s over for another year. I love the idea of Christmas. As it approaches, I’m overcome with a yearning to wear oversized knitwear, hunker down in front of open fires, clutch a glass of Malbec and snuggle with my perfect looking family, perhaps in matching pyjamas (underneath the aforementioned chunky knit). Continue reading


I’m not sure when it happened but I know that at some point, many years ago, Christmas was about nothing else other than love, lights, laughter and lots and lots of presents. Somewhere a long the line, the shiny, sparkly stuff has faded and it’s more about sky-high anxiety levels, constant cleaning and an ever-present feeling of well, disappointment. Continue reading


Remember those fairy tale movies we all saw which ended with a beautiful princess-to-be walking down the aisle to marry her prince? Remember how, despite our niggling voice of realism, we all kind of looked forward to the day when we would get our own fairytale? I mean however your vision of your fairytale looked, the end result was still the same. We all (more or less) thought we’d end up marrying the love of our life and, as the old saying goes, live happily ever after. Continue reading


Over two months ago I posted the most personal blog yet detailing my relationship with booze and the negative impact it was having on my life, my relationship, my children, my bank balance. The response to the blog was overwhelming. I received hundreds of emails, literally (I stopped counting after 230) from other women (and a few men). All of them called me brave (or ‘brace’ thanks to auto-correct), some thanked me for writing their story, some were grateful that I’d held a mirror up to their own drinking habits, some just wanted to say, “Me too. I’m here.” None, zero, absolutely not one of the emails was negative.  Continue reading


There are certain experiences in life that change us. This change can be temporary or permanent. Travelling the world alone at eighteen, for example, induces a permanent change, often for the better. There are, however, certain situations that we find ourselves, in which it is necessary to adapt our outlook on a more temporary basis in order to survive. Taking the bus home at rush hour in the rain, sitting in traffic jams with family, listening to political speeches: these all require an element of adaptation without which we would simply lose our minds. Continue reading


For the first time in our adult life, myself and Jimmy-Plays-Bass woke up in our own house on Christmas morning. After years of spending 8 nights in 6 different beds, driving over 700 miles to visit family in Yorkshire, Devon, Kent and the West Midlands, throwing an inordinate amount of money and cat sitters, not to mention putting our marriage on the line each and every time we got in the car to face the Christmas traffic demons, we finally put our foot down. We chained ourselves to our bed posts and burned our bras (not really) and made the mountain come to Mohammed. Here’s what I learned (in no particular order)

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Village People

I recently posted a rewrite of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ and referred to the importance of making sure you keep your pelvic floor strong and leak free. That’s all very sound advice but, after my week from hell, I have a better, more important, completely crucial update that I urge you all to consider. Continue reading

What About Mummy & Daddy?

There’s a lot in this blog that’s about me, or about my baby, or even (occasionally) about my husband but there’s very little about me and my husband. There’s very little about how having a baby has affected our relationship and if I think not too long or hard about it, it’s probably because I haven’t wanted to write about it. I think I’ve wanted to ignore the slow erosion that having a baby has had on our relationship because we’ve been a little complacent, a lot tired and apart a lot because of work. Continue reading