This week my daughter started school. She’s the eldest so it’s been a case of popping my cherry when it comes to this particular milestone and you never really know how you’re going to feel about it until it happens. I thought there might be tears – me not her – but when it came to it, I was dry eyed. The absence of tears wasn’t because I wasn’t emotional, or because I was doing a happy dance at my freedom every weekday between the hours of 9am and 3pm, but because I was excited.  Continue reading


So, it’s done. If your offspring was born between September 1 2013 and August 31 2013 you’ll have just submitted your school applications at the beginning of this week. Most of you, I’m sure will have been a shit tonne more organised that Team Sims were and perhaps have got your applications in a lot earlier. Whatever your approach to getting your kid into an establishment of education…it’s now signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. Continue reading


I’ve come to realise that this parenting thing is a steep and oh, so constant learning curve. We never have it nailed. Just as we get them sleeping, we need to get them eating. Then they need to walk and talk and before you know it you’re trying to convince them to use a toilet rather than curling down a turd in the middle of the local library (true story). None of this is easy; it keeps you on your toes and, in moments of quiet reflection (read: rocking back and forth in the corner asking, “When will this be over?) you’ll wonder if you’ll ever be able to rest easy again. Continue reading

Hey There Tiger…Society

You know that phrase, Tiger Mom? Well, I am not a Tiger Mom. I mean, I obviously want my kids to do well and I’ll support them with every beat of my heart and make sure that they have as many opportunities as possible, but will I beat them over the head with guilt and discipline if they don’t spend three hours a day practising the French Horn? Probably not. Continue reading