I’ve never been one for standing still or being complacent. While I’m grateful everyday for the things that I have and the things that I have achieved, I’m always looking for the next step, the next opportunity. Over the years, being freelance has meant that I’ve had to fine tune my methods for getting motivated. It’s very easy to succumb to reality TV and not getting dressed when you don’t have an office to turn up to everyday so, I figured I’d share my tips with you… Continue reading

Tiba + Marl-vellous

This won’t take long. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s a revolution a-happening and it’s being led by two women who are giving their everything into launching the best baby-bag company ever. My name is on one and if you’re about to have a baby, this is the best money you’ll ever spend.

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Today’s momma inspo comes from the wonderful Petro Stofberg. Petro is one half of the totally cool and totally necessary Wardrobe Icons. If you don’t know about this digital publication then YOU ARE WELCOME. They basically do all the hard work for you and find the best things for you to spend your money on and let’s face it, it’s always pretty cool when someone else does all the hard work for you. Continue reading