Recently, lots of people have asked me why I started Not So Smug Now. It’s easy to forget. Four and a half years on, two children and two businesses under my belt, I have to stop and remind myself why I wrote that first blog post. So, partly because it’s always good to reconnect with your reason for being, and partly because (even though my kids are older and I’m out of this phase) I know there are still people finding and reading this blog who have just started out on this crazy journey we call parenting. Continue reading


If the people who know me well were surprised I was going for a home birth, it was nothing compared to the shock they hid (with varying degrees of success) when I told them I was also going to do hypnobirthing. I was met with many slightly cocked heads, covered in polite smiles and quizzical eyes. You see, I guess they don’t see me as the ‘hypnobirthing type’. I can’t blame them…if you don’t know anything about hypnobirthing you could be forgiven for assuming it’s a bit vagina-whispery and a lot of bollocks. Continue reading