Let’s talk about rejection. In ‘real life’ rejection sucks. When you don’t get a job, or you get dumped it can feel like a sucker punch to your soul. It’s very easy to let rejection knock you down and keep you down. While you may shrug it off as ‘no big deal’, that big fat ‘no’ can sometimes create a little demon that can sit there and whisper shitty things to you. That demon is a destructive little fucker and can be the root of many a problem.  Continue reading


It’s been a rough couple of weeks but as I promised, I am using that experience to really think about how I can be more socially conscious and how I can help. I’ve got a platform, it’s not a massive one but it’s there and it has the power to do some good. I know there’s a lot of debate around the role of ‘influencers’ and the service they offer brands and their followers and this is not a blog that’s about to unpick THAT particular bees nest but I think there’s a fairly easy way for influencers to do some good.

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What’s that overused, cliched saying? Sorry seems to be the hardest word? Well, the thing about cliches, is that they happen to be true. A couple of weeks ago, I posted THAT image on my squares equating camping to homelessness and, here I am to say, publicly and permanently, what a dick move that was on my part. Continue reading


I’m starting to make some money from my instagram account and this here blog. It’s much needed income. Jimmy and I are both freelancers and our cash flow is the biggest headache everyday of our lives so, when another income stream makes itself available, I’m going to take it. That being said, it’s tricky times over on the squares with all this ‘selling’ stuff so, in the interests of transparency, here’s what you can expect from me…in list form (because I’m too damn hot to make ordered sense out of my brain). Continue reading


Whenever I meet up with friends they always ask me how the blog is going, which is nice of them. And then, just like clockwork, the second question out of their mouth is, ‘Do you make any money from it?’ Once I’ve picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing deliriously, I explain that no, I simply do it because, well, I like it. It’s probably 45% because I love writing, 45% because I’m a total narcissist and the last 10% is all about the vain hope that someone reading it, somewhere, feels a little better about themselves and this parenting lark because something I said resonated with them.  Continue reading

One Year On…

A year ago today I was overcome with a sudden desire to set up a blog. I’d had other blogs but they were pretty shit and totally lacking in any kind of direction. This time last year though, I had an eight month old Small and I was starting to think two things: first, that I was beginning to resemble and recognise parts of my old self and two…this ‘becoming a momma’ thing needed to be talked about.  Continue reading

Not So Shit Now

Writer’s block is the worst. It’s worse than dried Weetabix on a high chair. It’s worse than negotiating leather car seats in hot weather. It’s worse than a bad night’s sleep. Really. It’s a whole new level of frustration. It’s a bit like knowing that all the chocolate biscuits and Sauvingnon Blanc in the world is lying behind a locked door and you just can’t reach the key. I’m currently suffering from the ‘block’ and when you run a blog, that kind of sucks. Continue reading