A month ago, I officially launched #GIFTMATCH. It’s been a real passion project and once that I’m so so proud of. In one month alone we’ve made so many wonderful #GIFTMATCHES that I wanted to update you so that you know exactly what’s going on. The great GREAT thing about #GIFTMATCH is that it takes such a small gesture on everyone’s part to make a huge difference. In this campaign, everyone’s a winner and I can’t wait to see it grow. 

I’ve listed all the products we’ve #GIFTMATCHED below and linked to the instagram accounts of brands, influencers and charities. Please support all involved as much as you can. It’s easy to not think about doing something good, but these guys have all taken the time and effort to make a difference. If I haven’t listed a charity, it’s because it’s yet to be confirmed.

Since launching we’ve #GIFTMATCHED the following:

PAMPERS x @notsosmugnow
3 x months worth of nappies
sent to Little Village HQ

MOTHERCARE x @theyesmummum
1 x Moses Basket sent to Little Village HQ

MAMA DESIGNS x @theyesmummum
4 x CELLUlar blankets
sent to little village HQ

JAGGERY LONDON x @themiddlemama
1 x Children’s JUMPER

JAMMIE DOODLES x @shellandthelittlies
1 x pair of kids’ pyjamas


rubens barn x @shellandthelittlies
1 x organic doll


TOOTSA MCGINTY@shellandthelittlies
selection of children’s clothes


STORKSAK x @mrshhayward
4 x swaddling muslins
1 x hooded towel
Sent to little village HQ


kit & kin x @the_savvy_mummy
1 x giftbox of nappies & wipes
sent to THe Princess PROJECT


florence & the fox x @petatoddlar
1 x decorative llama for child’s nursery
sent to First Days


ewan the dream sheep x @petatoddlar
11 x ewan the dream sheep
11 x comforters
Sent to Naomi House

BURT’S BEES x @Iamalisonperry
Full baby collection
sent to best beginnings


thule x @notsosmugnow
1 x thule sleek


bundle beds x @notsosmugnow
1 x bundle bed
Sent to FIRst days



  1. Nora says:

    So excellent! Well done Cat! I’ve seen similar done with negotiations on deals for work where the difference between the company bid and the supplier bid is sent to an agreed charity. Means the charity gets much needed cash and the people involved feel great!


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