Anyone else struggling with the childcare/work juggle? Anyone? Anyone? Of course you are. Whether you run a corporation, a blog, a small business or a household, getting time to yourself to manage the admin is not easy. Building a business from your kitchen table sounds idyllic but in reality, by the time you’ve cleared away the breakfast plates, scraped the Weetabix of the table with a pneumatic drill and tried to create a space conducive to getting shit done…you’re exhausted.

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing like having to sit down to do work that makes you want to pick the hair from the plughole or clean the bin juice from the can. Working from home sounds great but in reality, it’s the perfect procrastination palace. As a self-employed person, we need some new ideas.

What I normally end up doing when I have to work from home…#selfies

We don’t want to commit to set days at nursery because we just don’t know when we are going to be working and we definitely don’t want to commit to the monthly bills. We want to be able to put our kids in childcare when we need it and pay for it as we go. It may sound too damn good to be true but here’s the thing: it exists.

My company Hustle & Fox has been working with Cuckooz Nest in Farringdon. It’s London’s first co-working space with fully-flexible, pay-as-you-go, Ofsted registered childcare built in. That means that your monthly membership includes use of the workspace AND childcare. But you don’t always have to bring a child and if you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

The nursery is a beautifully designed, calm space that your smalls will love

Cuckooz Nest requires no compromise. The co-working space was designed by award-winning designer Leo Wood and the nursery rivals any of those Scandi-inspired dream spaces you see littering Instagram. It’s flexible and affordable and kicks ass when it comes to networking. You’ll find parents from all industries, open to chatting, collaborating and supporting where they can. Cuckooz Nest also runs cool events from the likes of Making Motherhood Diverse, Clemmie Telford, Honest Mum and plays host to Courier Magazine’s quarterly events. Founder Charlie Rosier runs a monthly Women in Business event and the events schedule is set to grow.

Workspace designed by award winning designer Leo Wood


Beautiful kitchen with free tea and coffee

Sure, I’ve been using it as part of my work at Hustle & Fox but even if I wasn’t, I would definitely pay for it. It’s still cheaper than nursery AND you get a workspace with no hairy plughole to distract you. Every Tuesday I take Bo on the Met line (and spend 25 minutes singing Wind the Bobbin up…what’s a fucking bobbin??), walk 5 minutes from Farringdon and drop her at the nursery, pop around the corner to the workspace entrance, grab a coffee, sit down and get shit done.

Cuckooz Nest is catering to a need that all freelancer parents have been screaming for. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also got a secret ‘nap room’ under the stairs fitted out with a Simba mattress and a night sky.

Under the stairs…

It’s well thought out, super supportive and almost too good to be true. Almost but not quite.

To book a tour call: 0203 950 2539 or click HERE

DISCLAIMER: HUSTLE & fox are the marketing agency for cuckooz nest. there has been no payment to not so smug now for this blog post.

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