Dear Universe…

Holy shit balls. You know how they say that it never rains but it pours? Well, sometimes it does both and then throws in some hail and the odd snow shower for good measure. I’m swamped. I’m stressed. I’m worried that I’m losing my fucking mind!


Ok – so here’s where I’m at right now.

1. I just lost two very valuable work contracts – one because it came to a natural end and one because I had to walk away for the sake of my soul. This is actually good news when it comes to my creative juices and plans for the future but terrible news when it comes to our mortgage and my ASOS addiction.

2. My husband is about to leave for six months to tour the world with his bass on his back and the prospect of six months of lie-ins. This alleviates the financial burdens listed above somewhat, but means that I’m flying solo and my partner-in-family-crime has gone. I’m looking forward to lots of long nights in alone trying not to think about the second glass of wine.

3. My best friend is coming over from the USA with her family, which is an amazing thing but one I’m totally unprepared for. It’s going to be glorious weather here (IT’S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS!) and the garden needs doing, the spare room needs sorting, my schedule and work plans need firming up. I know that she won’t give a shit about all that stuff and she’ll tell me to chill out but she’ll also know that I can’t chill out until it’s all done. There’s only one answer to this problem: call my mum and beg her to come down for a few days to help me prepare.

I just would love a little time and space to get this shit done and build the blog (not to mention our first event happening on Friday to which you are all, of course, invited), cultivate new work prospects, manage the house, fix the friggin’ garden in time for the summer, spring clean, stay on top of the boring mundane laundry/cleaning shizzle and look after a Small (you know, feed her three times a day, clean her one hundred times a day, do her laundry, teach her to dance, speak, run and bounce on the trampoline…the usual stuff).

They tell me that I need to ask the universe for stuff I need/desire/want so here it is. My little message to the universe.

Dear Universe,

Hey! Hope things are good with you. It’s all good here but I just thought I’d check in and put something out there. Really hoping you can help out because (and I don’t mean to be dramatic here) I’m pretty sure my sanity depends on it.

Any chance you could provide me with an extra four or five hours in the day? Ideally, these would be after 7pm so that I can use them for things other than fishing bogies from my Small’s nose, holding her upside down until she spits out her hair clips, wiping down various orifices and cleaning up various emissions.

It may seem like a big ask but I can’t tell you how useful it would be. I genuinely think it would save my emotional health and wellbeing. As if THAT wasn’t enough, this isn’t even an entirely selfish request…I’m pretty sure you would be helping out any human being responsible for keeping a Small alive and making an honest crust while trying not to live in a hovel that resembles a crack den. 

Thanks and big love.


Look, I know I have to let some of this stuff go and I can do that, I just can’t find a way to be happy about it. I can’t find a way to be at peace with it. So that’s where I need your help…how do you guys do it? If you manage to do it all…how? If you don’t manage to do it all, but you don’t care…how?

Help needed in Harrow.

Answers on a virtual postcard please.

5 thoughts on “Dear Universe…

  1. Lucrezia A. says:

    I’m not a mom but I’ve the same problem :/ between family, university, study and work, the time isn’t enough for me….you arrive at the end of the day and you think: how can be 11pm? I didn’t finish everything yet! In the last months I searched online some tricks to resolve the problem and at least I found my personal way to manage everything… first thing, I use planner like the one of Google or Cozy (it’s perfect for a family you can even sync with your phone and have everything always with you). I make even a “to-do list” everytime I have an appointment (ex. I remember to myself to buy a gif, or tell that I go, buy a tix,…). Then you could organize for example your meals for the entire week so you don’t have to think about it everyday or you can arrange step by step the house cleaning up to a certain date (ex. today I make bed in the spare room, tomorrow set the spare room, then arrange half of the garden and the next day the other half., etc etc)… if you divide the problem into smaller problems at the end you can solve it without stressing or at least for me it works 🙂
    Hope the universe will help you with your busy weeks!
    Have a lovely night


  2. Anonymous says:

    I always find time out helps! Just few hours to go and do something that I enjoy and then come back to things to be done with a fresh perspective.


  3. Carry On Katy says:

    Holy shit balls! My man is a bass player too! I bey they know each other! Who is he touring with? My man is J boy Cox. Ask hin if he knows him!
    Lush to find your blog and this post is like I’m looking in the mirror!
    Cheers to being in the Fresh Voice short list and let’s hope we have time to actually get to write a feckin post on occasion! Damn kids!xx


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